Hello, Primary 3!
It was very sad to say goodbye to you all on Friday.
I am at home with Bat Bear and we have been SUPER busy over the last few days. My kitchen has turned into my new classroom and I’ve been spending a lot of time planning your learning over the next couple of weeks. I’ve been going for daily walks around Dalkeith Country Park (without Bat Bear as he talks too much) and taking part in the Joe Wicks daily PE lessons. Can you believe that over 1 million people have been taking part every day? I recommend that you give it a try if you haven’t already. I’ve been sweating in my living room, whilst Bat Bear has just sat and watched. He is lazy!
I hope everybody is happy and that you have enjoyed some extra time with your families. Now is a good opportunity for you to learn something new. I am going to take some time out to learn how to make soup. Maybe I will win the award for ‘Best Soup Maker 2020?’ What are you going to learn? Maybe you could learn how to bake, sew or even how to do the washing up. Whatever you decide to learn, make sure that you have as much fun as possible.
I am going to be putting some activities on the school website for you to take part in this week. We have been learning a lot about multiplication and division and it would be amazing if you could log in to ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ to practice. You could also download ‘Scratch Jr’ and continue on with the challenges that we were doing in class.
I miss your stories, smiles and all the fun that we have daily in the class.
Stay safe, continue to have fun, eat lots of food, remember to wash those hands and as always, continue to live your best life!
Mr. Smith J