Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello everyone in Primary one, learners and grown-ups alike!

It has been only two days really away from school and it’s safe to say I’ve missed you a lot so far! I hope you are at home having a nice time and learning through activities with your families. I would like to thank everyone in the class for being so kind, helpful and well behaved to one another in the last week we spent together! I have only known you a few months but in that short time I felt so proud of the work you have achieved – give yourself a pat on the back!

I am safely at home with my Mum, our dog Ruby and our guinea pig Larry. We are staying inside most of time apart from taking Ruby for some walks to get some fresh air and exercise. What have you been doing? Playing with brothers and sisters or your grown-ups? If you have pets have you been looking after them and giving them cuddles? I have also had the chance to read some new stories I hope to share with you soon. What was your favourite story we read together and why?

The other teachers in school and I are going to send home some ideas of activities you are able to do from home, some of it you will recognise from our P1 learning and some will be more practical –  life skills you can call it!

That’s all from me for the moment! Stay safe, P1, and keep washing those hands!